Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What type of training programs do you provide?

The short answer is all types in many different sports. Essentially we design sport specific programs for elite athletes and for those athletes that desire to be elite athletes. We train individuals, small groups and teams in programs that can last days, weeks or months depending on the needs and goals of the athlete. Our programs are designed to rapidly improve sports performance by making the athlete faster, quicker, stronger, and more stable, while also vastly improving balance and endurance.

In addition to performance training, we also provide fantastic physical therapy and post game recovery programs. Many athletes working through injuries come to us for a customized physical therapy and performance training session back to back.

2. Why is Game Ready Performance different than other training programs?

Several reasons. First, our programs are extraordinarily customized to each athlete's needs, goals, age, strength, endurance, stability, balance, quickness, position on the field, ability and desire. Second, our training sessions and techniques are unique and blend a variety of exercises to quickly improve athletic performance. Third, and importantly, we have a passion to see our athletes succeed. It drives us.

3. How do I get started?

Because our programs are customized, the first step to your elite Game Ready Performance training program is to schedule an evaluation session. This lasts an hour and the athlete would come to our facility and we would perform movement/mobility screening, test for strength and neuromuscular testing for a variety of sport specific muscle groups. We also conduct reaction testing and overall fitness testing that involves using a heart rate monitor to in order to further gauge overall fitness. At the completion of the evaluation, we make an assessment and then schedule training based on the goals and needs of the athlete. The evaluation also provides us a starting point so that we can chart the athlete's increased performance over time.

4. How often should I train with you?

That completely depends on the needs, goals and aspirations of the athlete. Generally several sessions are needed to get the athlete into Game Ready shape and then after that, we develop a maintenance program to keep the athlete in shape and also continue to progress in terms of performance.

5. What sort of programs should I be doing during my season?

Again, it determines on the needs of the athlete. If an athlete is at an elite level, the training is designed to keep the athlete at the high level and avoid injuries. Of course we also get athletes that want to improve and progress to an elite level - and these driven athletes understand the need for additional training.

6. I have a nagging injury should I still train?

Absolutely, we develop programs to rehab the injury while still keeping the athlete's performance at a high level. There are plenty of exercises that can protect the athlete from further injury while still building strength, quickness etc. Of course some injuries are more serious and require rest. We always advise our athletes to follow the advice of their Doctor.

7. How fast will I see an increase in my performance?

Our programs programs rapidly improve performance and while every athlete is different, we've had a 100% success rate with the athletes that commit to our programs.

8. What are your prices?

We charge $90 a session but discount substantially for those purchasing a program. Initial fitness evaluations are $85. Email us for discounts and other rates.

9. Do you do group sessions? What can I accomplish in a group session?

We do. Group sessions are a good way to keep costs down and maintain fitness levels. All groups are put together with athletes that are similar in terms of age, speed, strength and ability.

10. Do you do team sessions? What can I accomplish in a team session?

We do loads of team trainings during the season and prior to local, State and National tournaments. We coordinate with the team's coach to shore up team the strengths and weaknesses of each particular team. The teams see a higher level of fitness and less injuries because of the enhanced training.

11. How can I measure my performance?

The athlete will see it in the game or with the team's training and we will be measuring it during the sessions. We get an initial assessment when you start and then we will keep various metrics to measure your increase in fitness as the program progresses.

12. I'm going away to college and I want to be in top shape when I go. Do you have any programs to help me with this?

Absolutely. Our programs are designed to have you arrive on campus in peak shape - not have you trying to get your fitness when you arrive.

12. I have tryouts for a new team in a couple of weeks. Can you design a program so that I can be ready for tryouts?

You bet. We can design a plan to get the athlete ready. We even give homework!  We want our athletes to succeed.

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